Sorry, but this is going to be a stupid question: how do I change the volume/tone controls on my Epi LP?

wtf...how could u not work out to turn the knobs?!
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i'm assuming this is your first electric guitar? don't the knobs say "volume" and "tone" on them?
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lol, that's funny. I've got a Gibson Les Paul and I'm not sure whether the knobs are marked or not. but anyway.......

the top front knob (closest to the strings and the neck) is the volume control for the rhythm (neck) pickup.

the top back knob (closed to the strings and the bridge) is the tone control for the rhythm (neck) pickup

the bottom front knob is volume for the treble (bridge) pickup

the bottom back knob is tone for the treble (bridge) pickup

when the selector is in the middle (when both pickups are on simultaneously), all for knobs are controlled. you can then tweak the knobs for different sounds. for example, I put the selector in the middle, put the treble volume around 8, the rhythm volume around 4, and both tones around 8-9 to get a brighter clean sound, or switch the volume knobs for a bassier clean sound.
Just don't tell him about the tremelo switch, it will confuse the crap out of him.
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