Hi I was just wondering how to get a sound like Thin Lizzy Use In their solos. Its a upbeat sorta happy sound used in most of their songs eg. the first solo in Bad Reputation. I've got a Epiphone Les Paul Classic and an Epiphone G-400 with a Vox AD30VT. If anyone knows how and if i could get this sound using my equipment it would be great.

I'm also looking to get a sound used in Rockabilly and Psychobilly. That 50's style twang. Used with bands like The Stray Cats, The Meteors and Nekromantix. That also would be great.


For a thin lizzy like sound, they used les pauls, and i'm pretty sure marshall stacks too, so the first thing is get the right equipment, then its amp settings. I have no idea about EQ, but they used high gain settings for the distorted sound.

As for rockabilly/psychobilly tones, you can get some pretty good sounds out of Gretsch guitars (they ain't cheap however), which is probably what they would've used then (although i think Danelectro were quite popular guitars in the 50s too), but you can also get that twang from a strat or tele. the main thing, use a clean sound on your amp and cut back on mids, and you should be able to get a fairly twangy sound from most guitars.
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hey, ive got a les paul and vox and im pretty sure the uk 70s ad 80s would work fine. as for twangy sound i guess try to get as thin a sound as you can, but that would be tough, since you dont have single coils.
and thin lizzys guitarists mainly used les pauls and marshall heads. i think one used a superlead (plexi) and another might have used a jcm800 or something but i dont know.

btw, heres a link

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cheers, the les paul i use is usually great, got the thin lizzy sound nearly right but still struggling with the rockabilly sound
Wow, and I mean WOW! You guys are so friggin' dumb! There's a thread called "The Ultimate Settings Thread" where you can get parameters for any famous tone, rather than opening a piss-poor thread for every individual request!