What exactly does an octave pedal do? ive read that it reproduces the original note one octave above and one below at the same time so you have 3 octaves ringing at the same time. Its this how john frusciante achieves the sound in the last chorus before the solo in dani california (3:28)? but the thing is, if it reproduces the note one octave below, that would make it like a bass guitar and dont bass guitars destroy guitar amps when played through them? Thx in advance.
well i think they do destroy them, but when you use the pedal its still a guitar and not a bass....look, if you tune your guitar down so it sounds like a bass, your guitar amp wont be destroyed by that, the pickups are still the same...
oh i get it now, its not how low the tuning/pitch the note is, its the pickups (bass or guitar). thx man
well it's the bass pitch but it wont be half as bassy as an actually bass playing the pitch.
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