do they exist?
i picked up my guitar to play "hey hey" which i know like the back of my hand (i even tabbed it- my first tab- and it was accepted) and it just wouldnt play!
i was hitting wrong strings, fretting wrong frets- all over the place!

i thought -ok warm up with something easy- tears in heaven- same problem!
am i just having a bad day or is something wrong?
could the guitar have possibly stretched slightly from being left in a cold room last night?
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If your hands are cold you'll probably play worse. I know I do.
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just a bad day, take a rest from guitar for the day and you should be fine tomorrow

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yeah i have really bad off days. It's best just giving it a break for the day.
i've been having off days with guitar for about 2 years now
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Yer i have off days. Days when i cant even play a Blink 182 warm up song properly. That is quite annoying. I try to keep my hands warm before playing because cold fingers means slower movement.
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