k I wondered if you guys could tell me if I can record with any mixer on to my computer. Like does it need certain jack inputs to be able to work with me computer.
Well, you'll need to be able to connect it to your computer.

Most mixers will probably be able to go into a line in port on your computer, but look into USB and FireWire mixers too, they seem to be becoming real popular these days.
How would I go about connecting it to my computer??Where does it usually plug in??Yeh I'm a noob.
Well, depends on what sort of mixer you are thinking of getting, and what your computer is capable of and what features it has. The market is vaaaaaaasst.

To get the best performance, you'll need a mixer AND an audio interface, or a mixer that acts as an audio interface.
Either by getting a firewire or USB mixer than you would plug that into the Firewire or USB port.

Alternatively you could have a cable that goes out of the output on the mixer into the line in on your soundcard.

Similarly you could have an audio interface which is basically just a soundcard that would plug in either through firewire or USB, or gets installed inside the computer. A cable would plug from the output of the mixer into the audio interface.

Alternatively depending on how in to things you get, and the quality of the mixer/interface, you could plug direct outs from your mixer in to multiple ins which may exist on the audio interface.