I have been after an ibanez adapter for a month. I want the ac109, but ac309 will do fine. If I have to, I'll strech to the ac509. The only few companys I found were out of stock and it would be a few months before they got more. Thomann have a 25 euro minimum (not including postage ffs!) so I couldn't get it off them. I've tried dolphin music and the ibanez store (nevada music), as they were the only ones I could find.

Please help!
ask matchetts to order you one
or try fastfude or metal ireland
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im pretty sure you can run a generic 9-votl adapter into an ibanez pedal without a a problem. and i know the Visual Sound one spot works just fine for them.
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If the WD has the same power jack that other Ibanez pedals use, it's the same size that Dunlop and most other pedals use. Just make sure the adapter polarity is correct(tip and sleeve +/- diagram matches up), it's 9V, and it can supply = or > current than the pedal needs.
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