I got a guitar for my birthday last august, it was a squier. After 2 months it broke down Anyway, I got a ibanez rg321mh and roland cube 30 now.

I have learnt basic stuff, such as nirvana come as you are and smells like teen spirit, feeder - buck rogers and some random riffs such as muse - sing for absolution but don't really know what to do next. I can play open chords only but when I try anything other I can't seem to change quick enough. You can say practise makes perfect but I feel like there is a big gap in something I should have learnt that I left out. I might be getting lessons soon but don't bank on it, I was told I was going to start last october I also have trouble remembering the name of most of the chords I know so should I just wait untill I get some lessons?
yeah, just keep playing. it took me a while before i could remember what chord or note it was that i was playing but just keep playing them, and eventually it will stick in your mind.