ok, so on the radio this guy started listing things that would weird people out or whatever and here are some things he said.

1.at the dinner table tell your kids youre going to have to let one of them go for "economical" reasons.

2.at work, switch the coffee in the machine to decaf for three weeks and when theyre all over their caffeine addiction, switch to espresso.

3. end every sentence you say with "in accordance with the prophesy."

care to add?
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I came up with this kick ass riff on my ukelele when I was 12. Find out two years later, it was smoke on the water. Got my hopes and dreams killed..

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you used the right form of "their!" i commend you sir!

4: In the cinema, sit at the back row with a large bag of popcorn. During the film, chuck handfuls of popcorn at the victims in the rows infront while shouting "It's snowing!!".
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stand in an elevator and every time the doors close and starts moving shout ITS HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!!

in an elevator drop a pen on the floor but dont pick it up. then when somebody goes to pick it up for you shout THATS MINE! then bend down and pick it up slowly while keeping your eye on the person.

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when in a lift, where a grim reaper costume and when someone gets on say in a deep voice
"Going Down?"
Lol. Heres one: One time I was heading towards the elevator and I happen to get in with this old man and his wife. So before they get off the old man asks me in a serious voice and face "Who are you ?"
When you talk to someone, every two or three words say "like". Like they're, like, gonna be, like, totally annoyed.

Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
when on a bus, sit next to someone, and speak openly about how bad their body odour is to someone right infront of you/near you.

when in a lift, whenever someone enters, begin clapping and get other to clap with you and give the person entering a round of aplause.

when in a lift, be a schitzophrenic (or however it be spelt) and be nice one minute, and threaten to kill them the next

tell people the voices in your head are telling you to set fire to things
To creep people out in school I turn to them and sing softly in there ear. You should see the looks I get.
...and the world sighed in relief
my mate does this high pitched voice and goes "hello". when people say he's weird he goes "im not weird, your all weird". if they tell there friends he goes to his normal voice and goes "your all lying". Tis very amusing...
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no what i do sometimes? Go into the library and make orgasm sounds. and then when people look at you, put your hand on your head and say" *orgasm sound* my head hurts like a mother****er!!!!!!
I always find a good old fashion slap to the face usually pisses people off pretty good. That, and screaming THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!
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if you want to end a conversation just tell them to shut up and call them a comunist.
"It smells like semen and Vicks in here!"


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"this is bob, bob has bitch tits"
in the movies say to your friend relly loudly

"no! i will not give you a BJ!
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