I've been seeing alot of HH bashing on like every forum and they're really not as bad as people say. I think its like the new fad to hate them or whatever. They have great song writing skills and very sweet guitar riffs. Anyone else agree?
I used to like them... i dont dislike them now.... but i just dont listen to them that much.... their first album was better than their second... and they put on a better show when they werent so popular... smaller venue=better show..... their guitar parts are pretty good but they could be better... they have more talent than they show.... but overall they arent to bad
No :P

kidding, they're a good band, but overly produced
never see them live.
its not a pretty sight
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they're crap.

but there's already a thread on this page.

use you eyes next time.
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I dont like them they bore me abit/alot. but my girlfriend like them.

Nice double-post dickwad.
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'Cause. Can't hold a note, can't carry a tune.
they suck and can't play
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