I jamed today with friend and i came up with this little riff.
i want to use it but i dont sure if its original and i cant recognize the song.
so i upload here GP tab and please tell me if you recognize the song [maybe not exactly that riff, but similar one].

PS i wrote this tab in 2 sec. its suck. i play this riff bluesy with overdrive. if you need i can record myself....
Don't worry, there are so many artists that come up with riffs that were used in another part of the musical world some time ago that it's almost impossible to come up with something really original. It's more important what you create outside of that riff, thats how you can be original =)
^ seconded.

Äh, Sie wollen also mit Schlitz.
well i just want to know if its 100% mine or i heard somtime it somewhere else...