an extremely underrated 90s band..

the line-up consist of Ken Andrews,Troy Van Leeuwen (was in APC also,now he's in QOTSA),Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott.

i love their songs..but i just dun happen to get their albums anywhere!

anyone here loves their music too? and have their albums?
i only heard about them when i heard the nurse who loved me that APC covered and since then ive been trying to get my hands on more of their music.
Stuck on You is a great song by them! i am always hooked to that song..however they do sound kinda mellow in most songs...all in all i think i got four to three songs from them..Solaris,The Nurse Who Loved Me,Stuck On You...and another one that i forgot what the title is

u may try youtube...coz long ago when i tried searching for failure..there was a video of Stuck On You...its cool..then over the years...i think they put up some live vids too..try searching Troy Van Leeuwen..it may reap the same results..
Never heard them but I know one of their members directed hush video by tool and they were really tight back in the day so ill check em out.
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if i'm not wrong it was Ken Andrews who directed the video...he's currently in Autolux...yeah i am still not sure though..they're a bunch of shady overtalented musicians in my opinion...