since the other thread doesnt get very much attention, so I'll try posting this here:

Right now I play through a Marshall MG15-CDR which isnt very good, and I'm looking for an upgrade. I have the following amps in my sights - please tell me your opinion or maybe other amps that arent on the list. Im looking for like 30 or 60 W, although I just play for myself at home. I play mostly stuff like Staind, AIC, Puddle Of Mudd, but also anything I feel like learning.

So here's the list:

VOX "AD-30 VT" 299,- €
HUGHES & KETTNER "Edition Blue 60-DFX" 299,- €
HUGHES & KETTNER "Edition Blue 30-DFX" 245,- €

ROLAND "Cube-30" (couldnt find it on the website of my preferred store)
ROLAND "Cube-60" 329,- €

PEAVEY "Studio Pro 112" 269,- €

I particularly have my eye on either the VOX AD-30VT or a Roland Cube-30 - which do you guys recommend?

What about the Hughes&Kettner or the Peavey? What reputation do those have?

Thanks alot-
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We've got the Vox AD30VT here in the house. I think it's a great amp for the price. Can't compare it to the others, because I'm not as familiar with them. Generally, the Roland is the amp of choice for metal, and the Vox gets the nod for everything else. I don't know anything about the H&K's.
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Does anyone else have any advice for me?
What do you guys think about Hughes&Kettner or the Peavey mentioned above?

Or which is the Amp of choice here: The Vox AD30VT or the Cube 30X ?


(Sorry for bumping this, but I dont know who else to ask!)
Well roland stuff is loud!!! Even their really low wattage amps are loud. They have really perfect distortion tones. I reccomend the cube personally, but I don't have a lot of experience with the others.
Roland Cube, theyre amazing for the price
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I read that the Vox has this Valvetronix technology which gives it a nice and warm sound on the clean channel - how about the Cube's clean sound?

You see, I dont plan on buying another amp anytime soon after this, so it must be a good buy.
I appreciate your help.
I've tried the Cube 30X and the Vox AD30VT. I also own a AD50VT. Of the choices listed, my pick would be one of the Roland cubes. I went for the 50 watt Vox over the 30 because I'm primarily a rhythm player that emphasizes the bottom end a lot. The AD30 was farty at just about any volume level I tried, at least for me. The cubes are just nice amps and I will most likely pick one up at some point.

Peavey makes good stuff, I have some but am not familiar with the model listed. Can't comment on the H&K amps either.

Good luck.
i cant say i have heard hughes and ketner, vox or roland tbh, peaveys in my opinion are your best bet
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H&K will give you what i think are the best cleans of the lot. i would go for the smaller of the two. also, have you looked at the fender blues jr. or H&K Edition tube? i think you'd love them. both are reasonably priced all tube amps. i'd go to a shop and try these things out.
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Fender Blues Jr is way over my budget I was looking for something around ~300 €. Its funny, now every one of the amps on my list has at least one vote maybe I should call the shop and have them order some of these so I can try them all out.
I've played on the HK at a gig, sounds nice. Not sure on distortion though, but definitely has good cleans.
Dunno about all the other amps, but my home practise amp is the Roland 30. And I luuuuve it. if you're not willing to spend lots on effect-pedals, theres a bunch inbuilt on the cube already. Really nice amp for home usage IMO. Only negative side I know of is that sometimes, with the " correct " effects, the thing feeds wickedly.
I'd go with the best Roland Cube you can afford. I play the same sort of music as you and i think the cube is a good all-round amp.
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No tube in the cube, but in all honesty the tube in the vox does very little to enhance the sound. I think you'll be happy with either of the vox or cube.
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tool and opeth definitly dont play tube amps . You cant get those distorted sounds out of it. tube is for like beatles stuff right?

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You're right, just about the only thing better than a Spider 3 is an MG : )

I have a Vox ad30vt, if you ask me it's got amazing sound, and it's quiet versatile.IMO

The right pedal and you could get alot of tones from it.
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