Hey guys I need some help in looking for a UK dealer of strat necks. Tbh i don't want to be paying alot £20-30 would be ideal, or even cheaper haha

Thanks guys


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You won't get a good neck for that price, either get a cheap used squire neck or make one yourself. Making one yourself takes skill and machinery, so your best bet would be to buy someones cheap strat knock-off.
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i reccomend buying a squier strat neck off ebay or something. all you need to do to make it good is strip off the old finish and put on some urethane. i did that and its literally the best playing neck ive ever touched.

also get rid of the squier logo, it wont be worthy of whatever you make the guitar into.
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axesrus sells necks, but liscensed fender ones, you can get the odd one for £40 i think, and also look into 'woodycustom' on ebay they do £40 necks and bodies.