i was jjust wondering if anyone didnt play guitar as much as you did before you played video games. i was thinking about getting an xbox 360, but i dont want it to suck up time for playing. help.
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Well I played games before guitar, and I know that it does suck up alot of time. But just tell yourself that your ARE going to play ** hours a day and do it.
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it depends of how much you will play video games, like when you have a free time you will have to make a choice. Make the good one. please
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I've been addicted (yes really I think) to video games since birth it seems, and I still manage to get in 2-4 hours a day of guitar if I feel like it. But it's really freaking hard sometimes lol. I just end up doing whatever I feel like doing. Whatever is more important to you is what you'll end up doing.
I've been playing guitar for over 2 and a half years, but I've played video games since I was a wee lad. I tend not to play many video games anymore (Besides my favourite games), I play guitar a lot more.
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Funny that you mentioned it because me (rhtyhm) and the lead guitarist always plays xbox 360 after practise. So no, if you're passionate enough it won't suck up time.
nah i find it hard to play video games anymore ill sit down and play for like a half hour then i dont play again for a week, i do love to play guitar hero though i can play that for a couple hours
what you should do is play your guitar song much your fingers feel like they are going to drop of with pain, then play the x box, allthough i personally recommend the nintendo wii or some form of playstation.
buy a ps3, the 360 is so ugly its blinding . well thats my excuse to not buy one anyways, its looks like a curved grey brick, well at least its cheaper :/
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Oh man, I've been playing videogames since I was able to move my hands.

I started out with videogames, guitar is something relatively recent for me.

One of the first things I figured out how to play on the guitar was the tetris themesong. Hah.
get one....i have one but i still play guitar the same amount... get gears of war if you do...its soooo cool
a lot of the time when im playing a video game im thinking about guitar and i just get so bored of the video game that i go play, and practice shouldnt be about a certain time you play or a number of hours you should play dont even call it practice its just time you feel like playing guitar dont make it every day if you don't want its your guitar play whenever you want thats how i go about it its just i feel like playing 2-4 hours a day
not to start a console war or anythin but the xbox 360 looks so much better than the ps3. the ps3 looks like george foremans lean mean fat reducin grilling machine

WII FTW it is obviously the best. dumbasses
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I spend way more time on video games than guitar. I also get in about 2 hours of guitar practice a day. Plus if you get an Xbox 360 you get bored real quick with the games because it only has 2 good ones. Get PS3.

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I just got a 360 last week and am not on my guitar as much as i was - usually 3-4 hours a day, but probably about half that at the moment.
Once i've completed gears of war, rainbow six and dead rising the novelty value will probably go away and i'll be back playing guitar as much as i was.