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23 13%
50 28%
45 25%
61 34%
Voters: 179.
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woops the 2nd option is meant to be just 2 by da way and the 3rd is meant to just be 3
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1 electric 1 acoustic.
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An acoustic, two electrics and a bass.
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I have 1 electric and one classical guitar that I took apart and am planning to give it a Hendrix-style funeral. Saving up for Takamine acoustic.
2 guitars. A Strat, and a Warlock.

The strat was my first guitar, and I love it to pieces.

The Warlock I got for Christmas from my dad. He asked me once what guitars I thought were cool. I said that B.c. Rich guitars look pretty damn awesome, but I don't know how they play. Next Christmas, he got me one. I was suprised.

I messed with the action on the Warlock a bit , and had to mess with a few things.. But it's a good guitar now. I personally like the tone on the Strat more though.
2 electrics, a stagg strat and my epi G-400
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a solid electric guitar: rally flying V, and an oldskool fender f-35 acoustic
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4 Electrics
2 Acoustics

That makes 6 guitars altogether
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4 but i only use 3 of them (the other is a student acoustic that doesnt work. ther person who had it before me was a lefty and it bent the nut.)
I've got an acoustic, an electric and a bass. However, I also have a second acoustic that is in need of a new nut and a third acoustic (twevle string) that needs strings. So in theory you could say I have 5, but I voted 2-3.
2 electrics one accoutsic and one dismantled electric.

one question how can someone have like five different guitars like whats the purpose?
An electric guitar and electric bass.
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2 electrics one accoutsic and one dismantled electric.

one question how can someone have like five different guitars like whats the purpose?

diff tunings diff sounds diff styles of music that people play
I have a quite good Les Paul copy (check out its review here ), an unknown strat copy that I'm trying to flog to some willing yet feckless b****rd and an acoustic that must feel rather neglected as it has been sitting in the corner of my room with only 5 strings for the past 3 months.
2 electric, 2 acoustic and a bass

Yamaha Pacifica 012 (First, I love it to pieces, possibly literally)
Westfield Firebird (cheap and tacky, weighs a tonne, but it's good for down tuning)

My mum's Fender, can't remember the model (lovely tone but the action's too high)
Some Japanese thing (okay to play

Crafter Cruiser
Yamaha 503TVL
Yamaha Pacifica
Squier Tele Custom II
Crafter bass
Cube 60
Kustom 2x12
I have 2 IBanez electric guitars (s470dxqm and ndm2 noodles sig) and 2 acoustic one ibanez and one fender!
3 electrics
A Squire Strat
Rip of brand guitar that I dont rembmer the name of (never use it)
Yamaha EG112
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2 electrics one accoutsic and one dismantled electric.

one question how can someone have like five different guitars like whats the purpose?[/QUOTE]

3 electric
1 semi acoutstic
1 acoustic
1 bass

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i did have four until i traded three of them in for my acoustic.
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1 classical
2 electric (soon to be 3)
3 accoustic
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Gibson SG
Ibanez Artcore (selling soon)
Fristact PW80 (this thing kicks ass)
Epi Acoustic
Fender P-Bass
Telecaster - SG - Jaguar
Princeton Reverb, Extra Reverb
P-Bass - Mustang Bass
Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
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