I recently installed the Zakk Wylde EMGs (81/85) in my Schecter 006 Deluxe. These pickups sound amazing but I have one problem. My tone knob doesn\\\'t seem to be working. The EMG set came with intructions for installation along with diagrams for most wiring configurations, but there isn\\\'t a diagram for my configuartion. I contacted EMG and they told me they did not have a diagram for an inline switch. If anybody knows something I can do to fix the problem please let me know.

Do you have one wire connected to the EMG's to the knobs?
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yeah i\'m pretty sure I do, but me and my dad weren\'t sure exactly where to soder the wires onto the pots. Maybe I just put them in the wrong spot. I don\'t see how the volume knob is working and not the tone.