im stuck on making the neck. I dont know if there is anyway. Here are my pics.someone please help!!1

All I can say is some encouragement. That drawing is well on its way to YOWZAAH! As for help, I'm afraid to say I'm sh*te at autocad

Remember to put the neck at an angle though. I think the SG Std has a neck pitch of 14 degrees

Look at this for further help http://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_sgstd.htm

Use the 360 zoom image located to the right of the page
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Use the polyline command and extrude it. Then use the fillet to round it in certain areas. That is how I would do it. I would use a different part for the fretboard in case you want to use a different texture. You should render it instead of shading the parts. That would look sicker.
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I'll try and get you some pictures of mine in a minute dude.


Here they are, hope they help.

They are not from a Standard SG (only difference is the 24 frets though), but they give a good idea of the shape and positioning of the neck.

Sorry for their hugeness btw.
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Dude, that is awesome. I cant do crap with auto cad. Although we did get some 2007 version thats pretty weird... And I didnt take the class that introduces the program...
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