Hi guys, I've been chosen to represent my school in the music department for a gifted and talented presentation for parents and children at our school. I guess I was chosen since I won last year's talent show with my acoustic performance of My Immortal.

I have around 2 weeks to get together a new song that can show off my vocal ability, but also is simple yet cool on acoustic guitar.

I'd prefer some emo song suggestions or something nice, otherwise I'll probably perform My Immortal again which would be a bore hehe. [=

Thanks in advanced.
What kind of bands do you like, other than Evanescence? (spwtf)
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

are you looking for songs with more finger picking? or strumming? i'll try give you some of both:


Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
- Swiss Army Romance

Thursday - Division St. (acoustic)

Early November - Ever So Sweet

Plain White T's - A Lonely September

Senses Fail - The Ground Folds (acoustic)

Matchbook Romance - Tiger Lily


From Autumn to Ashes - Chloroforum Perfume

From First to Last - Emily

TBS - New American Classic
- Cute Without the E (acoustic)

Saosin - Seven Years (acoustic)

Matchbook Romance - I Wish You Were Here
I think I'm doing Neutrail Milk Hotel's Two Headed Boy Part II.
Though I can do most of his songs, I'm not sure which I wanted to do.
I just guess Oh, Comely would be too long.

I would also suggest the Big Sleep by Murder By Death.
depending on if you can get a keyboardist to help you out, Tracing + Your Pearly Whites by These Arms Are Snakes.
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gifted + talented?

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emos forever
Howie Gay - collide
Oasis - Wonderwall (just because its a school presentation crap)
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