can anyone help me on this. I give you the file to fix if you want to or you can give me steps. Im uasing autocad 2007 and its really hard to use. so any help out there would be apprecieted because this is hw and its dues monday. I need to put a neck.

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autoCAD is one of the easiest programs for drafting... in 3D it can be difficult. however, i'm failing to see your problem since you didn't list it. do you just not know how to do the model? also, do you have to put the body carvings into the model? by that i mean the arm rest fillet, the neck carve, the cut outs for the pick ups?
i just need a neck. But im unsure of how to create it because my necks turn out to be a big long block instead of a curve. Should i create a half a cyclinder and extrude? Im not sure if it will work though.
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Go find a program called Rhinoceros...it does 3D better than Autocad. I can't remember if AutoCAD has this feature (I dumped it a long time ago in favor of Rhino), but you might be able to do it this way...

1. Start with the neck cross section (if you cut the neck in half at one of the frets). You should be able to do this pretty easily with 2 curves.

2. From the "crown" of the fretboard, you're going to need a line that extends the lengch of the neck.

3. From the bottom tangent of the neck curve, you're going to need another line that extends the length of the neck. See the pic below for the end result of this...

4. Sweep the neck cross section along the 2 curves to make a polysurface in the rough shape of a neck. Example below...

4. Create a series of curves to mimic the profile of a heel.

5. Extrude the heel outline far enough to match the width of the neck.

6. Union the 2 polysurfaces and blend the intersecting edges to smooth things out...you might have to manually manipulate the control points of the surface mesh to make things look right. See the end result below...

I put this together in about 2 minutes, so it's a little rough. Are you taking the beginner class or the more advanced class? I ended up getting placed in R&D and Animation my last year of high school and I did a full 3D Les Paul to scale. Took a long time to get it right, but it was worth it. Really look into Rhino, you can export directly to AutoCAD.
Man, Rhino was the best. I miss playing with that shit.
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or if you are a student you can download autodesk (who make autocad) inventor for free from their website. It is 3d modelling too but my understanding is that coplex 3d surfaces are tougher but ive no tried much body work, mainly floyd rose parts.