It doesn't affect it at all. Those cheap cables from musicians friend and a monster cable sound exactly the same.

The difference is a cheap patch cable is going to break alot sooner then a high quality monster will.
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^there is a difference, cheaper cables will add noise and color your tone, its hard to notice the difference unless you play with more expensive cables, then when you go back to cheap cables youll hear the change in your guitar tone. Its mainly due to the shielding and tips used in more expensive cables.

In short, more expensive cables will send a cleaner signal from your guitar to your amp..it wont make your amp sound better. Its the difference between plugging into a clean compared to a dirty power source.

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you might get a little high end loss, but nothing so bad that you can correct it with a minore amp EQ adjustment, and unless you are playing through a really good and loud amp you probably wont even notice.
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