What are good headphones for guitarist to use while practicing around the family for a do not disturb mode! I have a Best Buy gift certificate to spend so I need something maybe there under $30 that doesn't "color" the sound coming from my practice amp. I've tried a few they just don't sound the same as the amp by itself. I guess that I need EQ neutral headphones!
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get those earbud noise cancelling ones they feel really load even when they're not
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Earbuds will make it sound really thin. Your gonna need the ear muffs... but for 30 bucks good luck. I had some $25 Sennheisers that worked decent, although they didnt handle distortion that well. I dont think they sell them at best buy though.
you arent going to get anything that sounds really good for $30 id look at $75 or more for some really good ones if you dont want any sound coloration, but it will still sound different because the amps speaker colors the tone.
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