I recently got a semi-hollow body and also working in altenate tunings. I read something about guitar midis that do all the work for you. I want to know more. Can you tell me some good ones? Price Ranges? How easy are they to work with?


if you want a MIDI guitar then the Roland system is the only thing widely available and the newer ones suck, horrible latency and whatnot.
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umm you can program it to do whatever alternate tuning you want, but it will be synthesized, it wont sound like your normal guitar.
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I rememeber reading about a device that has been made that automatcally tunes your guitar for you (yes it winds the pegs and everything) but i dont think they have made a chromatic (can recognise every note) version yet... i think planet waves makes one...

As for midi guitars, they are expensive and crap... you could always get a hex pickup and change the tuning digitally... but the units are f***ing ugly.
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Line 6 make a range of digital guitars which can give alternate tuning at the flick of a volume pot. Although Im not sure whether youc an pre program your own tunings, or if your stuck with DADGAD and other common ones.
Im sure someone will be able to remember what they are called....

Im also pretty sure you can get some sort of floor effects to hook up to the guitar to change settings on it too...

edit; http://line6.com/variaxacoustic/overview.html

"1. Choose which of the 16 instrument models you want to customize.
2. Find a Mic position and Compressor setting that suit your needs.
3. Select an Alternate Tuning in Alternate Tuning Set-Up, if desired.
4. Switch Alternate Tuning on or off, depending on how you want it to be saved.
5. Press the Model Select Knob down and hold for a few seconds until the indicator LED shines solid green or red.
6. Release the Model Select knob.

That's all there is to it. You've saved your settings for that model. Now that you've got it all down, you can repeat these steps for the remaining 15 positions."

Looks like you can save your alternative tuning settings.

Hope this helps
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oh and contrary to what someone said, MIDI guitars arent crap, just really expensive. And obviously not for everyone.
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