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Well here's the issue. My band and I decided we need a better way to amplify our vocal, as we are currently using an old 15W guitar amp. We found an old mixer, but its meant for DJ'ing and only supports 2 tracks. My drummer has two big old speakers, the kind you use for attaching to a stereo or whatever. If I plugged a mic into the mixer, then ran the output into the speakers with a 1/4" cable, would it work?
You need a poweramp, once you have that you have your P.A. And how is this homemade, it's just an ordinary P.A.
get the impedences for the amp/speakers right or your gonna fry somthin and prolly get your ass kicked.
PAs are a pain in the butt

until you get one

I guess you should just save up some cash and buy a cheap PA.

Its probably safer than your current set-up
Try it. I had a friend who once bought a starter Kustom P.A. It was small and had about 4 channels, but it was loud enough to hear vocals when we practiced with the band. I think he paid about $250 for it back in 2002. I would search around for something like that.
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