So I'm going to be building an A/B box tonight, but before I do I need to know something. First off, the reason I want to make one, is so I can switch between my two distortion pedals. Now the question is, does an A/B box work that way? Can it do what I want it to? I pretty much want to have one distortion pedal in A and another in B. And be able to switch back and forth. Doable? I pulled some schematics off another thread.


Which is exactly what I want, if it will do the trick.
An A/B box switches between two outputs.

You want a box that'll switch between two LOOPS, with one pedal in each loop.
The signal goes into the pedal, through one of the loops, and out the other end.
I know you've probably thought of this, but what's wrong with simple stepping on 2 pedals?
But yea, the loop would work.
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lol, I tried that. The song I'm playing, I have to switch them, each riff the sound of the distortion switches back and forth. I cant get my foot to move quick enough to turn one off and the other one on in time. I think that came out really confusing....I should just tab out what I mean.

D 7-6-4
A 5-4-2-4 so you play that over and over, and each time you switch distortions.
D --------4

plus I just really wanted to make something haha.
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Why do you need to switch distortions for each time though? Seems unnecessarily stupid, just use 1?
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Don't be afraid to care"

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Just got buy and A/B switch. Not like they cost a bunch.
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R H C P - You raise a good point. haha, no I want to do it because it sounds cool in some of the songs I play.

bonchie1 - The a/b box wont do what I need it to, I just realized that upon thinking about it some more. I need like a dual loop box or something. What the guys up there ^ were talking about. now, if I can only find some schematics...