I got a cheap starter pack a year ago, but now I have up to $1000 to spend on a new practice amp and guitar. I'm looking for a guitar with 24 jumbo frets, and a good double-locking tremolo with which I can shred/play metal, and which is also good enough to keep me content for a couple of years. I figure I'll get a real amp later once I get out of a college setting.

I tried out two Jacksons (DKMG and DK2M Pro) and an Ibanez RG5EX1 through a Vox AD30VT and liked what I heard. Right now I can't hear much of a difference, but I figure I'll learn sometime down the line so I don't want something that'll sound bad later.

Anyways, here were a few choices I was debating between:
(prices from musiciansfriend.com)

Amps: Roland Cube 30x ($229), Vox Valvetronix AD30VT ($240)
Guitars: Jackson DKMG Dinky ($750), Jackson DK2 Dinky ($650), Ibanez RG1570 ($750)

I've done a little research so I know the active EMGs on the DKMG are good, the pickups on the RG1570 suck, the Edge pro is good, the FR on the Jacksons are ok, etc.

Also, what I was wondering about most was if I should just wait a month or so to see what new guitars are coming out? I'd like to get a new guitar soon, but I don't want to get shafted from being in a rush. Thanks.
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yeah spend more on the amp, but wait until NAMM is over, then there will be more options availabe, like the new ibanez range of RG guitars
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Yeah, i would wait a month to see whats coming out, but outof those options i would either go for an Ibanez S series (youpick) along with an Roland Cube 60 amp, or the RG1570 with a Cube 60

oh yeah, S series dont have 24 frets
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he doesn't HAVE to go used for the tube amp, i just bough a traynor tube combo and love it!
id go with the Jackson DK2/DK2M with a trem swap (just buy a OFR off of ebay and put it in, itll fit the route without a problem) and either the Vox Amp or a nice used Marshall tube amp (JCM 800 anyone?)
i have a dkmg. its sweet, but i ****ing hate the floyd
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