So I'm going to be building an A/B box tonight, but before I do I need to know something. First off, the reason I want to make one, is so I can switch between my two distortion pedals. Now the question is, does an A/B box work that way? Can it do what I want it to? I pretty much want to have one distortion pedal in A and another in B. And be able to switch back and forth. Doable? I pulled some schematics off another thread.


Which is exactly what I want, if it will do the trick.
Why not just step on both pedals at once? That's what I do...

and your link doesn't work...
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Building the box wont do what I want to anyways. Thanks though, I'll just keep using my foot to shut one off and turn on the other.
so....from my amp, i need a splitter cable? or like, hook up distortion on to amp and distortion 2 to distortion 1 with one of those little patch cords. and from there have distortion 2's input going the the a/b box, then continue my effects chain then guitar.