hello guys im just wondering if it would be wourth buying a bass for about 200 or should i wait and save my money and get a better one? im relatively new to bass but i've played guitar for a few years if that makes a difference
Peavey Milestone III. Best bass in its price range, period.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

"Honey, I've got to buy a new bass! This diamond is made of a dead guy! I made him a promise!"

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I got a Washburn Bantam Series for 230, awesome bass. Discontinued though
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Peavey Milestone III. Best bass in its price range, period.

I agree, mine's being repainted right now, I've de-fretted it already. best starter bass
get a dean evo xm, those have amazing action... there good, everything is pretty good, its good for any level of skill.
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I'd recommend to save up some more money, and get something beyond the beginner bass category.
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But hold on - you're debating on whether or not to buy a bass or keep your house? That's pretty fucking hardcore!
I'm loving my Ibanez GSR200, although I've only been playing bass for 2 months.
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