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I recently got into the whole hardcore/metalcore style (more than a year or so) the bands i worship are Hope Dies Last(from Tx) Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Still Remains, War of Ages, u get the idea. (myspace.com/BAND'S NAME)

Does anybody know what they hide in their racks to beautifully blast your ears and CLEARLY hear every note in their riffs?

What i see/hear is that they are less complex than other styles where they have tons of processors, reverbs, phasers, preamps and all that stuff... i could be wrong.

I heard somewhere about overdrives (pedal) and compressors...any good?

Please help me out here...i'm trying to build myself a humble rack haha.

Happy new year everybody!

Thank You, Pablo
A Mesa Triaxis would be a good start, you could get close if not hit alot of those tones. There's alot of really good preamps out there, but my fav. is probably the VHT 2/90/2, or a 2/50/2 would be great as well. A compressor would also help alot, and an OD pedal to boost tightens up the sound as well, and don't forget, eBay is your friend.
a decent metalcore pedal is the Boss metalzone, boost th bass, mid and reble for the stereotypical metalcore sound. that's all you really need pedalwise, you might want abit of reverb or some other effects that are used in clean sections like chorus or delay ext.
Technique is also very important too.
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