I realize this is prob a really stupid question, but why is it that when I tune my guitar, and go back and check the strings I already tuned, they need to be tuned again? (if that made any sense)
the neck gets a lot of pressure from the strings, causing it to bend a little. it should be fine after doublechecking, unless of course you hava a floyd rose bridge.
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i find that, especially with new strings, they hardly stay in tune at first.
i stretch them by pulling them up slightly a couple of times around the 12th fret, then re-tune and repeat until the tuning is stable.

i've also found i have to do that when i retune the strings any time.

hope that helps =]
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thats cuz your strings stretch a little, you know what i mean?? then cause they are longer, you need to tune them again. (sorry for my bad english)
it's a bit of a pain sometimes, but it helps your guitars tuning in the long run so its worth it =]
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