hey im tryin to download the blues brothers cuz it rocks but i cant actually get it, even off limewire so if ne one knows were i can get it without buying it (i alreaady own it but its too scratched to rip ) id be very appreciative...

can sumone send it or giv me a link it would b great
It costs like 5 bucks on Amazon. ***or-ay yu-ay use-ay torrent-ay*** Sorry my pig latin skills bloe-ay.
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id suggest a torrent
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the way i see it, i already own it so its not like im ripping it off, its just to scatched for my comp to read
that's a classic. buy it. downloading's for shitty movies who don't deserve the money.
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Then it's too scratched for your DVD player to read also and thus needs replacing, go buy it.
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