Do you guys no any guitar companies that make 7-string Vs/Explorers/Warriors/Kelleys etc.? I know KxK guitars make a 7-string v, but I can't tell if it can have a tremolo bar added to it. I'd prefer if the guitars also have 24 frets/whammy bars.
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go to the bc rich website they manufacture a 7 string warlock but ud have to fit the tremolo yourself actually just give up now
unlesss u have shit loads to spend u could bc rich custom shop it
I don't think that exists. I would advise getting an Ibanez rg 7 string; they make a model with 24 frets and a wammy, but it's a super strat body shape (like a Fender Strat, but sharper). If you felt brave, you could tear it down and saw the body how you wanted it, then paint it agian in something other than black.
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Mahogany Body and neck
Custom Hand wound pickups
Floyd rose trem system
Set Neck

List Price is
6 String Version $899.99
7 String Version $999.99

Street price is $629.99 for 6 string and $699.99 for 7 string

Ships with hardshell PC shipping case.

Here is a photo of a righty and lefty

Enjoy. Slays practically every 7 string in production aesthetically. Comes in 8 too apparently. There will also be other Halo guitars released 2007. All guitarists are available in 6s,7s and 8s.
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