ok, i have an ibanez aef18etws and i love the guitar, great feel, nice neck, sustain etc. and alltho in the description it does not say solid top i believe it is because it is listed in all guides under solid top guitars like on musiciansfriend, but back to the point, it has the nez' b-band/SQR setup, how can i get the best amplified tone? i have a small acoustic practice amp that can be used for small gigs and it sounds allright at lower volumes, would it be better to go through a pa or buy a better sounding acoustic amp? what should i do to get max. available tone? please help
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You could mic your acoustic amp. I wouldn't recomend putting your pickup direct into a pa. The ibanez pickups need an acoustic amp. If you want to go into a PA then try an soundboard transducer (SBT for short) also known as a Bridge plate transducer (BPT) B-band makes my favorites and they are cheap and easy to install. LR baggs makes one called the I beam. The pream that comes with the active version of Ibeam isn't EQed very well so you will have to roll off the bass a lot on your amp. The non active version will have to be run through a preamp of some sort. Replacing your pickup is really the best thing to do, short of getting yourself a new guitar that has a solid top and adding an aftermarket pickup anyway (sorry but the aef18etws does not have a solid top.) The drawback of soundboard transducers is feedback. If you really need to play loud then you might have to just deal with acoustic tone that isn't as nice as you want. If thats the case then you might not need to change anything.
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Or you may try just micing your acoustic. I find I get much better done by doing that then running through the pickup. However if you do alot of moving around or anything of that sort, then I would follow the above post's recommendation.