I am wondering what made you decide to play the guitar?

Every guitarist has a story.... lets hear it!

I started to play guitar to get chicks, which yes, the guitar is the best chick magnet ever!
You don't even have to know how to play, just by holding a guitar, chicks will want you.

Now I know how to rock and get chicks so....

besides chicks, the 'real' reason I started to play was because my parents were going to buy my sister a guitar and going to start lessons. I went to the guitar store at age 11 and they were buying her one, I wanted to learn really bad too, I loved the guitar for my whole life...so they rented one for me... a cool silver ovation... it was soooo hard to play!

Needless to say, my sisters fingers hurt after a few weeks, mine felt great bleeding and she quit, I got the guitar, took lessons for 10 years, became a guitar teacher at age 19, and the rest is history...

now... I love the guitar, more than chicks, cuz they don't talk back or complain
I at first picked up guitar, just to do something. However after hearing the great classic rock bands and other music, I was really inspired to play. That's when I really started playing and got into it, I wanted to make music, have emotion and be amazing.

Don't have any girls though, but I could care less as long as I got my guitars.

I play for the music.
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There is just something inside me that has to get out. It's a way of communicating an emotion that words alone cannot communicate adequately. Rather it's happy, sad, or whatever - it's a release of emotion that even if nobody else hears does my soul good.
i wanted to play drums and bash them ... but my mom got me a guitar for xmas instead .... took a few years for me to actually get into a groove of real music
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What an original thread!

Yeah, i just heard some guys like SRV and Page and wanted to be like them.
I started playing just for the chick and to do something because I really had nothing to do...that was when I was younger.

Now I'm glad I picked up the guitar, learned more about music, artists, etc. I just play just for the sake of playing now, it's just fun.
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i bought my sister a guitar for xmas 12 months ago because she wanted to learn.... Then i decided i wanted to learn as well... so i bought myself one at the same time.

I found it hard at first..... and i find it hard now.... i suck.... but enjoy it (not sucking.... playing)
well listening to music i always found myself wanting to join in with the guitars and play the parts myself
I got into guitar because I realized the piano was not the best instrument to rock on.


I did figure out how to play fffff volume-wise on piano though, for those of you who know how to read notation.

Besides that, there's some Japanese guy named Nobuo Uemetsu who wrote some metal type songs. I was hooked at the sound of the guitar and the super-overdriven amp.

And then, I got into Green Day. And I'm wondering how a bunch of 18 year olds could pull something like Dookie off. And so, I "borrowed" my dad's old acoustic, (I still have it and jam on it at times) and figured out how to play, teaching myself how to fret a note, tune a guitar, restring a guitar, read tabs, etc. I kept playing on acoustic for about two years.

And then came Jimmy. My electric. He's barely a month old, and I soon figured out that acoustic and electric guitars are two very different things to play. Anyways, now I'm still teaching myself how to play in many respects, although I've come a long way from where I started. I've even started to write some (really bad) songs.

Anyways, ramble over.

"now... I love the guitar, more than chicks, cuz they don't talk back or complain"

HAHAHHA ahmen.

But I started because my brother played bass, so I started trying to play bass, my brother told me I sucked, so I just started playing guitar because my brother is a lil hoe
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I was a nirvana fan, and wanted to learn their songs.
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i did it all for the nookie! buahahahahhahah

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God, it's been so long!

There's no doubt that there was some coolness/girl-getting factored in, and I was never gonna be a QB, but I just really loved music. Grew up a total Beatle freak, and loved the idea that they had to fight to play their own songs, which proved to be better than any of the "professionally" written songs their producer tried to get them to play.

So I really wanted to write, more than anything. Even now, I'm still a hack on guitar, but I love to play and write. I love experimenting with different sounds and "making up" chords and turning them into something. I don't express myself with awesome solos or anything, but I'm proud of the stuff I've written.

And, slowly but surely, I'm getting better. My 11 year old son's been catching up to me too fast!
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Back when I was a mega-noob (thanks to whoever I stole that phrase from )...

I heard Smoke on the Water, and I remember thinking, "Man, oh man, what instrument is that? I gotta get me one of those."

The rest is recent history.

Peace (sells)
I just love music and i was bord and i had a guitar sitting around so i started to play
Well, I had an ukulele at home that I would occasionally try to play. And for some reason my mother has always wanted me to play guitar, so she was all like "You wanna have a guitar?". Since I'm fond of getting anything, I immediatly said "Yes!!!". So I got the crappiest acoustic ever to exist. I didn't plan on playing a lot. But then, I learned "Wild Thing" and thought I was totally awesome. Then, I was at my friend's house. He had a crappy behringer guitar and amp. And I was like "OH MY ****ING GOD CHECK OUT THE TONE ON THIS THING!!!", yeah the good old days. So then I got an electric, and well, the rest is history.
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wow so long ago..umm i had a relative that played guitar and i enjoyed coming over there as a kid to listen to him. then one day when listening to him play he came up to me and asked if i wanted to play.. he being my idol as a kid i said yes learnd a few chords then really got into punk music but never acualy ownd a guitar for a long time so i always had to wait to see my relative to get to play. when i finaly got my own guitar i wouldnt put it down learnd alot of things even got my relative to ask if i wanted to jam with him but car accadent would stop that from ever happaning.. now i play for both my love for the guitar and in memmory of my relitive that infulanced me soo much.
Took lessons when I was 11, quit, then, 2 years later I was watching an AC/DC video, got out the old guitar again, then got hooked. Then I got my parents to buy me a nice guitar( that old one had the wrong sized nut on it)
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my grandpa got me into guitar. he was in the church band and i was like "wow that sounds fun" than he got me a junior acoustic and tried learning from a vid. it pissed me off so i stopped playing. than a few years later (last month) i picked up his 1958 gibson and started playin it with a book i found. started lessons, and i am where i am now. cept now i have both the gibson AND a schecter tempest in vintage white
Because i wanted to be like the guitarists on TV and i dont play sports or anything and i needed something else to fall on
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I started playing coz I want to be up on stage and have people watch and think how cool I am. And of course for chicks Being good looking AND being able to play the guitar is the best chick magnet ever in the history of chick magnet stuff
My main influences were Breaking Bnejamin and Led Zeppelin (Wierd combination, I know) and I wanted to be cool. Little did I know that my social life would deteriorate due to always practicing and musical elitism .
My bro got an acoustic and never used it...5 years later I took it up and it just came to me
The stage antics of KISS and Ted Nugent. You know... I think the money and girls had something to do with it as well.
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