Yeah I heard about that. Let's hope it indeed comes out this time. I am curious what it will sound like.

Hopefully Velvet Revolver will also come with a release date soon.
I thought it was due for MARCH 6!!!
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that 0/10 was for gonzo slash, i despise him.
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Gonzo, you're a cool dude.
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Anyone else seen this, it gives a release date if u look.

Wishful thinking, I do believe. It was also scheduled for release last year, and then this year, and then last November it was sure to come out. Axl even promised that the album would be released before the end of 2006, and lo and behold, it's January 2007 and the album still hasn't been released. Although I'm not a big G'n'R fan, I did contemplate getting the album, but now, after all this, I could really care less. Making people wait for how many years is going to hurt, not help, the album.
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yea ive herd alot about this and it keeps getting pushed back, i dont know y...
any way i was wondering if this is the whole crew back together (really meaning is slash in this , cuz hes the only one that matters ) ?