Alright, this is a cover of Homesick by Kings of Convenience. It's a great song and i've wanted to cover it for about 2 weeks.

Quick notes about my recording.
1. I know that there's no harmonica in the original, but i tried it out and it sounded pretty good.
2. I tried a new way of recording the guitar, so let me know how it worked out.

I love your voice Mackie. This song is very nice
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Well done, although your voice didn't sound like I expected it to (not a bad thing ), and there were a few pauses in the begining (I'd imagine cause of the singing), but overall, tight, I like it.
i agree with most of the people in this thread .. the vocals need to be louder. i kinda get the impression you're holding it back and not really putting it all into it. good cover though.
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