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Number One
35 78%
Number Two
10 22%
Voters: 45.
I almost went with the second one, but I had to give it to the first...great job to both of you guys though.
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Whoever did number one please post tab please.
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These original compositions?

I voted number one, it's just smoother than number two, flows nice and gives a sense of calm. The second, while good, just doesn't deliver the same way as the first.
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Number one. Both were good, but I felt more of a sense of form in the first one, with smoother use of techniques. Kudos to both, though.
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Number one. Both were good, but I felt more of a sense of form in the first one, with smoother use of techniques. Kudos to both, though.

Pretty much what I was thinking.
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Me too. I like it that they played pretty much the same style, though. No. 1 was better. Better use of harmony. No. 2 seemed a bit jagged to me.
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Honestly, the fact only one has double tracking makes it a little hard to judge fairly. Its sort of an unjust advantage. But in any case, great work Applehead. Nice title . The droning/note choices work very well.
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damn yertle, you got some groove
Do you guys have tabs of these two songs? Lol, they were awesome.
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Both great, but gotta give it to Yertle on this one. Flowed a little smoother, but I love the darker feeling Applehead's tune gave off. Really great job guys, both of you.
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Both were really good, but Yertle's was slightly better, a bit more, I don't know lyric? Both had that Sunday morning kind of feel, and I likes them both. Great job guys.
I'm going with Applehead's. I loved the intro. I'm much more into the overall feel than that of Yertle's. Good job, nonetheless.
Yertle's by default since the second one doesnt work as link anymore.

just bringing that to your attention there Apple.

also: can i get tabs or a GP file for these? heh


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Applehead, if you could post yours somewhere else, "The download limit has been reached for this file."

EDIT: Oops, didn't notice Diablo had already mentioned it, hadn't refreshed the page since I first loaded it.

Double Edit: Thanks apple for fixing that.
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both were equally "eh...."
there was a bit of harmonic movement but there was no melodic substance to either piece, i found myself bored waiting for something to happen but it never did.
if i tell you a story and i repeat the same sentence over three times in a row it would be quite a boring story. yes? so why do that in a musical story. you have a setting and a cast(harmony). but no story to go with it.(melody)
just some constructive criticism...

but to choose.... # 1 was a bit better.
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