Yertle 1
Applehead 0
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Apple, I hear you didn't use layers afterall...
Both sound really nice. I'll have another listen tomorrow with a pair of decent headphones and a decent soundcard. (crappy laptop speakers...)
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It's pretty obvious whos is whos.
But I'll listen and cast a fair vote anyway.
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Real close guys, but Id have to say Yertle. Apple, I wouldve loved to hear what you could to that with layering.
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Applehead wins for song name Yertle wins for actual quality. There were both very good, but Apple I found yours was awkward in some spots from mistkes or just ungraceful changes I don't know but Yertles just seemed to flow better. Both of you well done (showed me up...as if that was hard.)
yeah couple of ungraceful changes for sure. and yeah no layering! yertles is definitely better, well done man it's a nice piece. i'd like to hear it without the other layer though?
Ah man, didn't see this thread. I had the unfair advantage of layering. I wish I didn't have too, but the solo bits just didn't sound as good solo. I'll try to get a single track version up in a bit just for a more fair comparison.

Applehead's had a great, dreary tone with good note choices and good use of droning. There were a few choppy bits, but no more than my rhythmic **** ups and tone farts. My playing is a lot less fluid than I wish
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damn yertle, you got some groove
I voted Applehead but I like Yertles more. I just feel that Applehead was at a disavantage without doubletracking. If you could do yertles one track, It'd be really sick.
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I guess I'm in the Minority here but although Yertles was much smoother overall I got to go with Apples just on feel. Good shit man, keep it coming.
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applehead, im afraid you got owned by yertle .. haha but still, great job by both of you guys !
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(posted in theother thread)

the second link doesnt work
just bringing it to your attention.

also, i would love a GP file or some tabs for these.


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dude, they are not to learn! there is no way i am gonna tab that out!

edit: i've updated the link, it works now
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Tab it out yourselves, slackass. Applehead's was more melodic, but Yertle's was recorded much better and played very nicely. It just seemed more like he knew what he was doing and was going to do. All layering considered, I still have to go with Yertle's. Both are fantastic, though.
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