Ok i gotta come clean i've had an acoustic gutiar for like 4 years just sitting in my room day in and day out i fiddle with it and play in standard and drop D and sometimes drop C but thats all i really know and i feel like there could be alot more ways to play the gutiar if i knew more acoustic tunnings

Tell me acoustic tunnings that are possible!!!

second if i go one note higher then standard on acoustic does it break??
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Open tunings are good for acoustic guitars.

D \
B \
G \ This is open D tuning
D /
A /
D /

a singer/songwriter who's good for strange tunings is probably Jose Gonzalez. Try some of his songs to get a feel for the tuning, then mess around with it yourself. An example of one of his tunings is:


And, no the strings should not snap, but a capo is probably a safer option!
Try out open tunings, theyre tons of fun. For my favorite one, which is open F I believe (someone correct me if Im wrong) goes like CFCFAF
To get into it from standard tuning, tune your 6th and 5th strings down 4 half steps steps, tune your 4th 3rd and 2nd strings down 2 half steps, and tune your 1st string up one half step (it wont break, dont worry) .
If you have a bottleneck, its great for playing slide too.
I know this absolutely awesome tuning for middle-eastern sounds, slide guitar, western sounds, etc. It's called Open C Sus2. Jeff Martin from the Tea Party uses it a lot.

D (high E string)
C (low E String)
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everything you need to (and more) can be found here. Good luck with it.

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