i have a good clean sound out of this but i want a good distortion, preferably of the newer rock bands(Red jumpsuit Apar, Cartel..) with a more bassy, rhythm end distortion. i have a danelectro OD and a podxt live and a schecter c-1 elite, so any pedals or setting suggestions would help out alot thanks
Idk dude. Youd have to just mess with it a bit. Try putting your mids just under halfway, and boosting your bass a bit...
I suggest playing around with it man...

But, I'll try to give you a good guess on what you should try...

maybe 8 on the treble
6 on the bass
4-5 on middle.

I'm not too sure, just play around with the settings until you like it.
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ya i know its kinda hard to tell but does anyone have any suggestions on a pedal or soemthing? i heard the bbe sonic max cleans everyting up real nice and makes it real smooth and is like an eq basically. would that be a good move?
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