An tips on how to learn this song?
Also please recomnd other good slapping + popping songs
Learn it on a 4-string. I'm learning it on a fiver, and it's really hard. Then again, it is my first slapping song.
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I'm learning it now actually, it's pretty easy. Just keep listening to the song and playing it slowly and building up the speed.
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I'd say make up some of your own slap tunes first, thats what I did and I came up with something very similar to Higher Ground.
This was the first slap song I learnt and it was an absolute bugger!
Instead of doing the double slap thing try just doing one and get that down first. Once thats done try doing the double slaps slowly. Then practice getting it faster. It takes time but its worth it.
Trust me...you'll look back on the learning experience and wonder why you had so much trouble. Higher Ground is so much harder to learn than it should be. Just get used to the fret hand's motions (sliding up for the octaves) and play it really slow. Once you get used to the overall feel of the song, start speeding it up.

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^I can almost pull off the main riff from Tommy the Cat

but yea, slow and steady, metronome to help keep honest, then it'll eventually be a feel thing and you won't think about playing while you play it. It helped me alot, the intro riff, and now i can just throw similar licks into songs to spice them up, because once again, it becomes a feel thing. For me at least.
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i cant find a good higher ground bass tone though
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