I want to put new pickups iin my Ibanez S470 and went to the local shop to get a price estimate. They want about $100 - $150 for each pickup (3 all together) and then another $95 for installation. I can get the pickups cheaper if I buy them online and I figure for $95 bucks I can get a decent soldering iron.

My question is how hard is it to do a pickup swap on your own? I'm pretty handy with tools and stuff but I've never really soldered much. So is it worth it for my to do it myself of just pay the shop guy $95?
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If you've never done much, get the shop to do it. Don't assume you'll get it right.
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draw a diagram of where each wire went, google how to solder. if you don't trry it yourself eventually, you will never learn

no it's not that complicated

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geofex.com has a good guide on how to solder.
Then, guitarelectronics.com and seymourduncan.com have pretty much every diagram you'd need.
Learning how to solder and install your own pickups is an invaluable task, and will save you alot of money.
Soldering iron - 10 bucks
Solder - 5 bucks
Desoldering braid - 5 bucks.

And then you're set.
I would definately recommend doing it yourself. Especially for $100 bucks.
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