i have an RG/Jem-style guitar with HSH configuration, and i'm looking to get new pickups. I'm a huge fan of Steve Vai, and especially that rich, warm, dark tone his guitars have. i know that much of this is probably due to the uber-specific custom tube amps, but i've heard a similar tone from other amps and think that a good portion of the sound i'm looking for is in the pickups.

However, the Evolution pickups Vai uses are of the ceramic variety. i hear of ceramics often being described as "punchy." but would that mean that it gives a brighter kind of punchy (which i'm trying to avoid), or just a more thick, forceful sound? is it more tone, or just more volume and strength?
all i can say is that i have been told when considering them, by other ug-ers that evolutions are very bright and show everything you play up

listen to dragonforce to get an idea
i hadn't noticed that Herman Li used evos before.

i guess clarity is what i'm looking for, as much as anything. i'm assuming warmth comes from the tubes in the amp.
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Before you even consider Evo's, how would you rate your accuracy?

Also, for warmth, you might want to look elsewhere than the Evo for warm.
use the dimarzio breeds, i have em on my rg and it sounds amazing(these pups are on a vai signature guitar)
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+1 if you want warm, then the Breeds are what you're looking for...excellent pickups and far more balanced and versatile than the Evos. Evos are fantastic for virtuoso stuff and shredding and generally being "in your face", Breeds can do just about anything.
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ok, what i'm thinking now is maybe to compromise and get an evo and a breed, or something warm-sounding, to get the bright and the dark tones. in this case, should it be an evo in the bridge and the other (say, a breed for now) at the neck, or vice versa? to keep the slicing clarity of the evo, but still have some warmer capabilities.

but i'll have to try each. Guitar Center by me usually has a Jem or two, i'll probably stop by and give 'em a try to test out the pickups. originally i got this guitar as a Jem project, so i was trying to stay as authentic as possible. however, i just checked the Ibanez site and one model does indeed have Breeds.

as far as accuracy, i'd rate it as "good", and improving, or about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. but i don't intend to perform anything without having it thoroughly under my fingers.

and one other thing, this bit was taken from Musician's Friend's page on the Breed Neck model, which i'm assuming is from the DiMarzio website:

"As a neck pickup, the Breed has more than enough power to balance with high-output bridge pickups: it will work with the Tone Zone, Super Distortion and Evolution as well as The Breed bridge model"

unless i hear a better idea, i think that might be what i go for.
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