Hey guys,

I'm currently shopping for a new amp setup, i have decided on a TSL but i'm in 2 minds about which size to go for 100/60. I have heard both amps side by side in shops but havn't had the pleasure of hearing them on stage. Obviously both are all tube and sound best cranked which is why i'm posting this! Obviously having the extra head room on the 100 is an advantage, but i'm not (yet ) playing big venues so i will end up having it set low obviously resulting in a loss of tone so whats the point. That makes me think i'll go for the 60 hoping i can crank it on stage getting the best out of it without drowning everyone else out... but what if its too shy, and also losing the extra features that come with the 100 is a bummer??? Maybe is it worth getting the 100 and an attenuator (if i can find a decent one) and hope for the best with that??? Any advice from people who have used either of these heads or know of a decent attenuator they could recommend!!! I play lead, mainly rock with a EP LP soon to have Alnico 11 humbuckers in bridge and neck. Oh and also a 1960AV cab. I want the best tone ultimately and the cost is not an issue, just cant make my mind up!

Many Thanks