Rightio, I was on here and someone said something about 'noogcore', I believe it was Whyvern. I was wondering, what is noogcore. I realize this probably incredibly noobesque on my part, put I am will ing to be called a noob in my quest for wisdom. Thank you.
well maybe he meant noobcore
seing as g is close to b

if thats right

tell him to go listen to some tardcore
perhaps it's music from chattanooga?
from the really hardocre chattanoogians?
Horseness is the whatness of allhorse.
We are all Neil Lennon
UG GT5 group
Hardcore music from Chattanooga, TN it has a pretty distinct style, but it's a broad term. Queerwulf, Friday Knight, Burnin' Doobage, Panty Shanty, ADD/C, Jack Palace Band, The Morons, Tom Foote's band (it's the South Will Rise Again but in Spanish, I have no idea how to say it), Are You ****ing Serious?!? and Tonight, I'm Getting ****ing Wasted! are all examples of Noogcore bands. To an extent Commie Hammers were too. It's heavily related to the "Region Rock" sound that was at it's height in like the late 90's and early 2000's.