Hey guys, am looking for abit of advice

currently i have a line6 spider 2 15W amp, it was pretty good wen i started playing, but now i hve recently bought myself the boss me-50 guitar effects pedal and want better sounds, i dnt know if the pedal im using mixes with the effects from the amp or what but it doesnt sound great (might b me haha)

my bro has just staretd playing so am gonna give him my line 6 and now looking for a new amp..

im looking for 1 tht will give me good distortion sounds, bit like Santana etc, any 1 hve any ideas/advice please? help appreciated

not botherd about a price range, am willing to save up, just wanna hear what ppl think

Go to the classified section, .
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Quote by Jinskee
Go to the classified section, .

why would he go to the classified section when he wants suggestions on a new amp?

What guitar do you have? A strat's neck pickup + Vox AC30 do Santana tones well for me (yes, I know he uses humbuckers, a Mark IV, and Dumble amps), but you also get an incredibly versatile british rock tone for anything other genre.

edit: keep in mind that I'm not a Santana expert, so the information in parenthesis on what he uses may be wrong, but you get the point.
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Quote by wmzbomgzors
strat's neck pickup + Vox AC30 humbuckers, a Mark IV, and Dumble amps

thx for help, but i dnt have a clue what they all are lol, i dnt know much about guitars or anything to do with them really, i just bought myself a fender guitar and started teaching myself at home, the guitar i got is a fender tho, all 24frets erm its got 4 black thick bar things under the strings at the bottom of the guitar with silver dots on them lol...im willing to learn and understand, again help appreciated
what fender has 24 frets?

and mesa amps are great, but be prepared to save 1000's

cheaper is the famous Pignose amplifiers. the Hog-20s are little battery rechargeable combos that have volume, gain(squeal), and i think Bass and Treble. they sound great.

i only have the Legendary 7-100 , but i think that the popularity of that amplifier speaks for the company's quality by itself.

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