I have been playing guitar for about six months and I was wondering if someone could recomend some easy blues songs.

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search button + actually checking the blues & jazz forum for repeated threads can work wonders.
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Instead of recomending Blues Songs, I would recomend some training in Blues theory.
Blues is basically just a series of short riffs played in 3 different keys (3 position Blues). Learn the riffs and you can play nearly any blues song. Either exactly as you heard it by someone else, or by improvising to make it your own. That's the beauty of the Blues, it's VERY individualistic!
And because the riffs are short, they are generaly not too difficult to master. Learn the short Riffs, then put em together to play it like YOU feel it! (Express Yourself!)
IMO an EXCELLENT place for you to start, is a guitar instruction video called the "60 minute introduction to Blues Guitar" by Peter Vogl.
IMO, Blues/lead guitar instruction video's are a tricky buy for beginners because the lessons are often shown too fast (picking/fingering) and not explained well enough for beginners to comprehend. But this IS a true beginners video that is very well shot and explained. And VERY easy to follow. You'll be jamming in a couple of weeks! It's starts w/ basic blues rhythms and moves on to scales and soloing.
It comes w/3 parts. A video, a book, and a CD.(All sold seperately). IMO the video is the most usefull of the 3 and costs around $10. But having all 3 would be a plus if you can afford them. Look for it at guitar shops or on ebay. It's the best $10. you'll ever spend if you want to play the blues!
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