My mom works for a workers' compensation firm called Colen & Lee. If you know anything about workers' comp, you know it's a fairly corrupted industry and that more often than not, people will try to cheat the companies for money and succeed. Well, this one company (CDR, I believe it's called), is outsourced, and their Indian workers have been calling my mom at work trying to settle a $5000 lien on a case that has been closed and had all its bills and debts and such paid off already. Well, the guy who's been calling her keeps insisting he has a voice recording of her agreeing to pay off the lien. So yesterday, she finally got sick of him and told him to show her the voice recording. He put her on hold for 20 minutes, then said he'd call her back. An hour later he called back with two recordings that were poorly spliced into one. My mom then told the guy she was going to pursue legal action against the company for fraud and hung up on him.
You probably don't find this funny, but I do, for two reasons. The first of these is a personal reason. My mother is a typically meek person and now she's suddenly having this company charged with fraud. That's a big step forward if you ask me. The second reason is that these damn companies outsource themselves to save a few dollars but they don't even train their new workers in proper business practices, and they hardly teach them more English than "Yes", "Thank you", and "Goodbye", and now this company is going to have to pay the price for its shitty business practices. Anyways, what are your thoughts and opinions on outsourcing? Has anything like this ever happened to you or someone you know? Discuss.
I hate that too.

Now ill read your post and edit.

Question: Whats a lien?

Second, do you mean Indian from India or Indian by Aboriginals?
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outsourcing supposedly has its economic perks for workers as well as consumers. i don't know though. part of me says it seems a bit overbearing of government to tell a business where it can and can't have factories and what not, but part of me sees all the unemployed people with kids to feed and says otherwise. i don't know. it's a slippery slope.

funny story too.
^i'm not quite sure what a lien is either. going by the context, i think it's probably some kind of loan. I mean Indian from India.

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