If I want to improvise the solo, is it B minor? If so do I just use the B minor pentatonic or what? Thanks in advance.
Warning: May Contain Music Theory!

The solo is in B minor, but they use some chords that don't quite fit in key.

The progression: Bm, F#7, A, E7, G, D, Em, F#7.

This progression is clearly in B minor, so we will use that as a base. Any minor scale with a flat seventh can be replaced with the minor pentatonic, as the minor pentatonic is contained in the three standard minor modes. Likewise, all major scales can be replaced with the major pentatonic. Let me take the time to say that a mode is merely a scale and therefore a group of notes, not a position on the neck. When I say "go from B Aeolian to F# Phrygian Dominant," you do not have to shift from fret 7 to fret 2.

I will now break-down each chord and discuss what I would do.

Bm-Since the progression best fits the Aeolian mode (since there's a G chord), I would use B Aeolian over this chord. You could maybe get away with some Dorian and Phrygian, but for the most part, I'd stick with Aeolian.

F#7-Oh, no, this chord contains the note A# and that is not in B natural minor, nor is it in the other two minor modes, B Dorian and B Phrygian. Fear not! There is a very cool scale called the harmonic minor scale, 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7. In B, the notes are B C# D E F# G A#. This scale works perfectly over the F#7. The F#7 is the V7 (5 chord with a dominant seventh). It is common to make the fifth chord in a minor key major. Typically, harmonic minor is used over the V7 chord, though Melodic minor (B major with a lowered third) would work if you like the natural sixth. If you use B harmonic minor over this chord, it is called F# Phrygian dominant.

A-In D major, B's relative major, the A mode is Mixolydian. I would use A mixolydian here. Since A Mixolydian contains the same notes as B Aeolian, all B Aeolian and B minor pentatonic stuff will work here as well.

E7-This chord contains another out-of-key note, G#. B Dorian covers that. Since B Dorian is a mode of A major and the E mode of A major is E mixolydian, I would use E Mixo. Again, B minor pentatonic stuff works here since the notes are contained in E mixo.

G-This chord is in B minor, so I'd just use B minor's G mode, Lydian.

D-This is the relative major of B minor, so just use regular D major.

Em-This chord is in B minor, so just use E Dorian.

F#7-Same as before.
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you can start with simple triads (1 3 5) of each chord..(actually that is what Don Felder does--search UTube for his solo note for note breakdown)
play well

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