I want to here your thoughts on which band, COB or Trivium, is better and why you think that?

I personally like Trivium better well because i heard about them first.....i think it was pull harder on the strings of your martyr that got me into them...., but anyway, i sorta like COB, especially the song, Thrashed, Lost and Strungout.... its a pretty kick ass song!
Trivium for me, mainly cause Alexi Laiho just pisses me off how he tries to be american!!! plus matt and corey own roope and alexi
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both of these bands are my favs so i cant pick lol but definatly check out follow the reaper and kissing the shadows by bodom, def two of their better songs. and for trivium....i like their stuff from ascendancy better, but check out all of their shit lol fugue is a kick ass song
You like trivium more because you heard about them first?

*does sarcastic applause*
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Children of Bodom is clearly better, more talented and better music. Alexi Laiho would have no trouble outplaying the guitarists in trivium.
COB owns triviums ass, partly becuase trivium gives me head every night. while i give head to COB because they're amazing
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COB rule over Trivium and always have because they do their own thing. When i heard "The Crusade" i nearly vomited, it was that bad. The guitaring is alright but somehow Matt Heafy thought it was ok to steal James Hetfields voice. No. He said himself that they want to be "the next Metallica". Children Of Bodom arent trying to be the next anything. they're just cob. oh and Alexi Laiho kicks Matts ass because you can see in the music how adept alexi is at using advanced theory to create awesome solos. just listen to anything off the Hatebreeder album.

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