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Im selling my SG Epiphone G-310 its like brand new i've owned it for like a week because my aunt gave me it for christmass but i really don't need it. So yeah brand new. Its black and im asking 160 or best offer for it. also have an amp for sale too ask about that

EDIT: The amps are both 25 watts, let me know if your intrested.

Im looking to trade and add for an ibanez or somthing of the sort.

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the amps are both 25 watt
but i would like to trade for an ibanez or somthing just show me what you got and ill add. but not too much
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Um, I have a Roland Micro Cube, a Boss AW-2 Auto Wah, a Boss SD-1 Overdrive, a Carlo Robelli Strat Copy, a Short Scale Acoustic (Unsure of brand but has nylon strings). Not sure if u want any of that,
i'm willing to part with my warlock and digitech RP-80 if you think it's a good deal... PM me and lemme know with the extra cord so you don't have to go out and buy another one just to hook up the pedal

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thanks but no thanks. mainly looking to sell or trade +cash for an ibanez
shipping to canada would be around 30 dollars. but we could work somthing out if thats a problem.
if you'll wait til march i'll give you 150
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aight so the kid backed out of the RP80 sale... so... i dunno... i was hoping to get this guitar cause i love the way they sound with a lil distortion...
im sorry but i just cant let it go for 130 american shipped..its going to cost me 30-40 to ship the thing probably, lowest i can go is 130 + we split shipping.
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